Dave Bruner

I graduated from Virginia Wesleyan College in 1977 with a B.A. in Fine Art, and have been working full time as a graphic artist since then. I am known for the unique style and subject matter of my wood engravings and drawings.

Wood engravings are printed from end-grain wood blocks with black ink. I engrave my blocks under magnification, then print them on white rag paper using a hand-operated press in my studio. I have spent more than 30 years developing my own distinctive engraving style, and applying this traditional medium to contemporary subject matter.

Through my art, I share my impressions of the visual world, using line, color, and texture as a poet uses words. I try to convey the beauty, mystery, and occasional irony that I see in everyday life.

I have won numerous awards in juried art shows, including many best-in-show awards, and my works appear in private and corporate collections and galleries in the United States and abroad. I currently live in Sarasota, Florida.

What is an Original Print? An original print is an image produced from a block, plate, or stone upon which the artist has created an original design by hand. Each print from the block is signed and numbered and is considered an original work of art. Wood engravings, linocuts, and etchings are all examples of original prints.