I want to thank you for all your business (and friendships) over these last 20 years.

We have stopped taking custom picture framing orders, but will remain open to sell off all the art (frame and unframed) and any other inventory.  We are taking progressive markdowns, and as of now (February 6, 2018), our markdowns start at 30% and are as high as 65%.  We will continue to increase markdowns until February 20, 2018.  After February 20th we will be selling our equipment, fixtures and any office equipment.

I am looking forward to developing my other interests and volunteering for organizations that are important to me.  (Also, I am just getting old and it is about time)! I have loved what I have done at these past 20 years at Florida Frame & Art and will miss custom picture framing, but more importantly, miss our customers.

I hope we have served you well, as that was always my intention!

Al Haddad / Florida Frame & Art





About Florida Frame & Art

Florida Frame & Art is a full service Custom Picture Frame shop established in 1998 that serves both residential and commercial customers.  Locally owned and operated, all work is done on our premises with great attention to detail.

Our goal is to help you preserve and protect your art and treasured items and displaying them in the best possible visual way.  We offer expert design services that will enhance and complement your framing project, not overwhelm it.  Our huge selection of frames (over 2,900) and mats are always being updated to include not only varying styles and colors, but also varying price points.

We are active members of PPFA (Professional Picture Framers Association) and adhere to preservation techniques. We are always kept informed of any changes in the industry concerning technology, materials and preservation methods.

In addition to complete framing orders, we do any stage of framing, including glass replacement, mats, fitting, canvas stretching and mounting - all at excellent low prices!

We have framed and unframed artwork by Florida artists.  Also, we carry prints of Florida landscapes, wildlife, architecture and Tampa landmarks.